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New Swarm GVO data set published

11 Feb 2021

Global map of annual differences of the radial field component of the one-monthly Observed Field GVO time series (blue dots) and of the one-monthly Core field GVO time series (red dots).

A new release of Swarm Geomagnetic Virtual Observatories (GVO) data is now available. The GVO data series are derived from Swarm data collected around target locations from 2014 to the end of 2020. The newly released data product consists of time series, vector magnetic field values at fixed locations, on a uniform grid at satellite altitude, and are available as 1 monthly and 4 monthly products on the Swarm Dissemination System.

This data, regularly distributed in space and time are suitable for modelling the main geomagnetic field, for core flow inversion studies, and for data assimilation studies of the core dynamo process.

For more information, visit the project web page. Here you will also find links to product documentation, PCA software repository, example cases (matlab and python) for loading and plotting the GVO CDF data files, plus similar GVO data products derived from CHAMP and CryoSat data.



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