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New Release of VirES for Swarm

09 Oct 2020

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New Release of VirES for Swarm (3.4.0)
The new version of VirES implements the following features:

  • New AEBS products
    From the DISC project Auroral Electrojet and auroral Boundaries estimated from Swarm observations the following new data products have been added and are accessible through both the API and Web-GUI
    • AEJxLPL_2F
    • AEJxPBL_2F
    • AEJxLPS_2F
    • AEJxPBS_2F
    • AOBxFAC_2F
  • New magnetic observatory data
    The BGS AUX_OBS products are now accessible through the API.

The following were among the new features implemented in previous 2020 releases:  

  • Availability of the Swarm extended lithospheric model MLI_SHA_2E
  • Availability of New AMPS magnetic model
  • Availability of New dDst index quantifying the magnetospheric activity
  • MAGx_HR_1B accessible via the server API (VirES Python client).
  • Availability of New EEFxTMS_2F baseline 02

VirES for Swarm is a highly interactive data visualization, manipulation, analysis and retrieval interface for the ESA Swarm constellation mission products. It includes tools for studying various geomagnetic models by comparing them to the Swarm satellite measurements at given space weather and ionospheric conditions.
In addition to the Web-GUI, data can be accessed directly through the API using e.g. the VirES Python client and the Swarm Virtual Research Environment (VRE)



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