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New product baseline for the GOCE Gravity solution Grids available


15 Mar 2021

A second product baseline (0201) of the GOCE Gridded Gravity gradients and anomalies at Ground Level (GRC_SPW_2) and at Satellite Height (GRD_SPW_2) has been generated and released to users:

  • GO_CONS_GRC_SPW_2__20091009T000000_20131021T000000_0201.TGZ
  • GO_CONS_GRD_SPW_2__20091009T000000_20131021T000000_0201.TGZ

The new products are available for download from the "GOCE Global Gravity Field Models and Grids" collection via the GOCE online dissemination service. More information can be found on the description page for the specific GOCE data collection.

All GOCE data is now available for download also via FTP in addition to HTTP. See further details on the Welcome page for the GOCE online dissemination service.