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New ESA AO of Planet deadline announced for the end of August


09 Jun 2020

Keywords: PlanetScope
SpaceX’S Falcon 9 Rocket prepares to take off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center In Cape Canaveral, Florida.Source: Skysat

A new extension has been announced for the ESA AO of Planet. The new deadline is now the end of August.

Further to the news of the ESA Announcement of Opportunity for Planet – PlanetScope and SkySat released in January. we would like to inform all interested users that the deadline for proposal submission has been now extended until the end of August 2020.

ESA scientific users can request PlanetScope and SkySat data by submitting a project proposal in response to the dedicated ESA TPM Announcement of Opportunity provided that the user undertakes to submit to ESA a full report on the assessment of data quality