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Need assistance? TellUS


19 May 2020

Launched on 15 September 2015, TellUS is the service management portal and platform for ESA’s Earth observation payload data users—with many features to serve and help them.

TellUS lets users explore ESA’s Earth Observation Knowledge Base, request services and report issues to the Earth Observation Help and Order Desk (EO Help).


It is the entry point to ESA’s EO services for those who want to acquire data; have problems accessing data; have new ideas, suggestions or complaints on the services, or on the data received.

The EO user community can also request information and clarification concerning ESA's and Third Party Missions.

User’s requests will be then assigned to those teams in charge of providing the needed support and services related to the various data sets available, and how to obtain them making the best use.

Anyone can use ESA’s TellUS. If they do not have ESA's EO Sign In service (EO Sign In) account already, they can still request EO Help support by issuing a simple request.

However, by using your EO Sign In account to access TellUS, you can open your service requests directly and view the status of all your previous tickets.

With currently just under 22,000 registered users, TellUS integrates over 20 ESA EO Service contractors and almost 100 operators. It has had more than 55,000 service requests and nearly 4000 incidents have been managed since it went live (with about 125,000 related tasks in total).

TellUS measures over 30 Service Levels parameters to constantly keep the quality of services under control. Consistently ensuring full availability 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, TellUS provides ESA management with mission and service dashboards and automated reporting.

"TellUS is the user portal to ESA's Earth Observation payload data ground segment as well as ESA's portal for all users", says Mats Önnestam, EO Service Manager in ESA’s Mission Management and Ground Segment department.