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Latest update on interface for submitting EO data access requests

23 Nov 2021

As announced in July, the user interface for submitting requests for certain Earth Observation data collections is being replaced with a new and improved system.

The third step of this project will take place on 24 November, updating the registration process for eight data collections available via the "Data Service Request" mechanism. The link for requesting this data in the data description pages will be replaced in the 'Request' button and 'How to access this data' section.

Data Service Request links
'Request' button and 'How to access this data' section

Following the update, the new link will direct users to ESA's TellUS system. There, users with an active EO Sign In account can submit a request for data through a form. The request will be evaluated, which normally takes up to two weeks.

The final step in the project, affecting updates to the "Project Proposal" mechanism, will take place in the future. The schedule for this will be communicated at a later date.



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