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A new look for ESA’s eoPortal

23 Aug 2022

A new version of ESA’s eoPortal launched yesterday.

The eoPortal contains an extensive directory of articles on international Earth observation satellite missions and sensors, all of which authored by Dr Herbert Kramer.

Herbert recently retired, but since 2004, he contributed more than 1300 articles on satellite missions and airborne sensors to the eoPortal, establishing it as a single point of access for detailed information.

The new eoPortal presents this directory with a redesigned visual theme and expands on Herbert’s work by incorporating information from the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Database.

The updates enable filtering articles by their agency and the type of measurements the missions carry out, making it easier to find subjects on the website.

The eoPortal team will continue Herbert’s work, adding new articles and working on the existing articles, aiming to enhance their clarity and accessibility over the coming months.

There are also plans to increase the number of contributors for articles on the website, continuing to grow this remarkable resource for the Earth observation community.


Visit the eoPortal to see the new features



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