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ATSR-2 Larsen ice shelf

The Along-Track Scanning Radiometer 2 (ATSR-2) on board ERS-2 produced infrared images of Earth at a spatial resolution of 1 kilometre. ATSR-2 was an enhanced version of ATSR-1, which was carried on the ERS-1 mission, this ERS-2 instrument was equipped with an additional three extra spectral bands in the "visible" channels for vegetation monitoring and an on-board visible calibration system. The data from the ATSR instruments are useful for scientific studies of the land surface, atmosphere, clouds and oceans.

ERS-2 was launched in 1995 and retired on 5 September 2011.


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Download data from the ERS-2 mission through the ESA Online Dissemination System. The ATSR-2 data is freely available to registered users.


All ERS-2 ATSR products, in accordance with ESA Earth Observation Data Policy, are freely available to users. Read more about the available ATSR products:

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Tools available for visualising, processing and analysing ERS-2 data:

Sentinel-3 toolbox

Sentinel-3 Toolbox consists of a rich set of visualisation, analysis and processing tools for the exploitation of OLCI and SLSTR data from the upcoming Sentinel-3 mission. As a multi-mission remote sensing toolbox, it supports ESA's Envisat mission (MERIS and AATSR instruments).

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Sentinel Application Platform

Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP) is a common architecture for all Sentinel Toolboxes. It is ideal for Earth Observation processing and analysis due to technological innovations.

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Auxiliary data from ground or airborne sources is sometimes used to help produce data products. Auxiliary data files for ATSR-2 data products are available to download.

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The goal of ATSR-2 calibration and validation activities was to verify the accuracy and quality of data the instrument acquired. ATSR-2 Calibration and Validation activities and reports are available.

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Quality Control is monitoring routinely the status of the spacecraft (payload and platform) and to check if the derived products meet the quality requirements along mission life-time. ATSR-2 Quality Control Reports are available for Products Availability and Product Anomalies.