Products Availability L0

Note that AATSR Level 0 products are not routinely distributed to users.

As part of the inputs for the third reprocessing of AATSR data, a completeness analysis of the Level 0 dataset was performed. The current list of gaps in the AATSR Level 0 dataset is available here.

Taking into account the planned events for which AATSR Level 0 data were not expected to be generated, the availability of L0 data over the whole mission is over 97.2%. The following plot shows the availability per year.



Figure 1 – Percentage of expected AATSR L0 data that is available for 2002 to 2012.


There is therefore the possibility for further increased coverage of the AATSR dataset; attempts to recover more Level 0 are expected to take place prior to future reprocessing.


The full report analysing AATSR L0 completeness is available here.