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CHRIS/PROBA image over the Barrax agricultural test site
CHRIS/Proba image over the Barrax agricultural
test site on 12 July 2003.

What was the purpose of SPARC?

ESA SPectra bARrax Campaign (SPARC) took place in Barrax (Spain) during 12-14 July 2003. This activity was part of the preparatory study for a proposed ESA Earth Explorer mission called SPECTRA (Surface Processes and Ecosystem Changes Through Response Analysis). For this reason the campaign was called SPARC-2004 (SPECTRA Barrax Campaign-2004).

SPARC-2004 researchers wished to simulate SPECTRA's retrieval of biophysical information and the data processing needed to carry out geometric and atmospheric corrections of raw results. With no SPECTRA in orbit they turned to its closest equivalent, ESA's technology demonstrator turned Earth Observation mission PROBA.

SPARC-2004 campaign objective was to collect a CHRIS/PROBA reference dataset for SPECTRA-related studies, with the corresponding associated atmospheric data, surface radiometric data and measured soil/vegetation properties to serve as a validation dataset.

Download the SPARC Data Acquisition Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Years)2003-2004
Geographic SiteBarrax (Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain)
Field of applicationAgriculture
Data sizeMore than 50 GB
Workshop Proceedingsesa wpp-250
LIDAR dataAvailable

Digital Object Identifier: - SPARC: "SPARC Data Acquisition Report"


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