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POLARIS - Proof of Concept 2009


Four-element POLARIS antenna mounted on the Twin Otter

What was the purpose of POLARIS - Proof of Concept 2009?

The Technical University of Denmark has designed and implemented a P-band POLarimetric Airborne Radar Ice Sounder (POLARIS) for ESA. A Proof-of-Concept (PoC) campaign in May 2008 served to test if the system performance met the overall system requirements.

The PoC 2008 campaign proved that POLARIS is able to detect the bedrock and map the internal ice layers in the dry-snow zone of the Greenland ice sheet.

The additional POLARIS test campaign, POLARIS - PoC 2009, in Greenland during 6-12 October 2009, had a primary and a secondary objective:

  • System test after system upgrade
  • Acquisition of fully polarimetric data of glaciological interest


Download the POLARIS - Proof of Concept 2009 Final Report


Campaign Summary
Years 2009
Geographic Site Greenland
Field Applicaion P-Band ice sheet sounding
Data Size 0.4

Digital Object Identifier: - POLARIS -Proof-of-Concept 2009: "POLARIS Additional Test Campaign; Campaign Report and Data Inventory"


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