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CryoVEx	2011 experiment ground team
CryoVEx 2011 experiment ground team, Alert (Canada)

What was the purpose of CryoVExGround?

The aims of the CryoSat Validation Experiment (CryoVEx) 2011 was;to study the snow and ice characteristics of Arctic sea ice and its snow cover during winter and how they affected Ku‐band radar penetration into the snow.

This report describes the data collected by the ground team during the Alert sea ice component of the CryoVEx 2011 experiment.

What was the outcome of CryoVExGround?

Lessons learned from this experiment for future missions were:

  • Record snow hardness at depths during survey
  • Hot water bottle for GPR
  • Photos at fixed reference point for each CR
  • Photos of grid with location of each snow pit indicated


Download the CryoVExGround Final Report

Campaign Summary
Year 2011
Geographic Site Alert (Canada)
Field of Application Profiles, Drill holes and EM-Bird data

Digital Object Identifier: - CryoVExGround : "CryoVEx 2011 Alert Sea Ice Ground Team Report"

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