Announcement of Opportunity for Spire data

This ESA Third Party Mission (TPM) call offers an opportunity for scientists and researchers to access Spire data to support the assessment of the potential of such data as an ESA Third Party Mission. The following Spire products are available free of charge, for scientific research and application development:

  • Monthly subscription to ADS-B Satellite Data Stream, Historical and Live
  • Monthly subscription to AIS messages, Historical and live
  • GNSS-Radio Occultation archived profiles

ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore only a limited amount of products can be made available to each project. Availability and restrictions to the use of the above data is described in the ESA TPM T&C and in the Terms of applicability document linked below.

Submission of proposals for this call are temporarily suspended.


*A condition to be accepted in order to participate in this TPM Call and to have access to the data is to undertake to submit to ESA a full report on the TPM evaluation (ESA Spire Final report form).

For further enquiries contact the ESA EOHelp.

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