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B3: ID.10470 Coastal Zones
Wednesday, 06/Jul/2016:
11:30am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Federica Braga
Session Chair: Fang Shen
Workshop: Oceans & Coastal Zones
Location: Affilated Building 3-202#, School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering, Wuhan University

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Oral presentation

Monitoring China's Coastal Zones and Adjacent Seas under Global Change by Satellite Data

Tingwei Cui, Guangbo Ren, Yanfang Xiao, Yi Ma, Jian Liang, Jianbu Wang, Xiangjun Zhou

the First Institue of Oceanography, SOA, China, People's Republic of;

In the paper, we review the major research progresses achieved during the past 4 years under the Dragon-3 project on coastal zone remote sensing. Firstly, A 15-year global ocean color dataset is produced, including spectral remote sensing reflectance and Chlorophyll a concentration, by merging major satellite data from Europe (ENVISAT MERIS), America (SeaWiFS and MODIS) and China (FY-3 MERSI) on the basis of global validation and cross-comparison. Secondly, the changes of coastline in the Guangxi province of China over the past 4 decades is extracted with Landsat and HJ-1 CCD images, from which it is found that the length and percentage of artificial coastline have increased significantly. Thirdly, the coastal wetlands in Yellow River Delta are classified by PROBA CHRIS hyperspectral image based on decision tree and SVM classification methods. Fourthly, water depth around Yongxing Island in the South China Sea is inversed by high resolution ZY-3 image.

Cui-Monitoring Chinas Coastal Zones and Adjacent Seas under Global Change_Cn_version.pdf
Cui-Monitoring Chinas Coastal Zones and Adjacent Seas under Global Change_ppt_present.pdf


Satellite-based Shoreline Observation of Eastern Chongming Island, China, 1974-2013

Rongjie Liu1, Jie Zhang1, Debao Tan2, Yi Ma1

1FIO, China; 2Changjiang Science Research Institution, Wuhan, 430010, China;

Due to the deposition of sediment from the Yangtze River, Dongtan experiences continuous progradation and large scale of new land was formed in past decades. In this paper, multi-temporal remote sensing data of Landsat and HJ 1B spanning from 1974 to 2013 were used to examine the dynamics of Dongtan. Results showed that, Dongtan experiences fast progradation in past 39 years despite a substantial decrease in the Yangtze River sediment input. During 1974-2013, the land area of Dongtan increased by 185.22 km2, with an average progradation rate of 4.75 km2/yr. Average shoreline progradation was 4.2 km, with a maximum of 10 km in the eastern part. The period of 1989-2002 had the fastest progradation, with a net progradation area of 83.46 km2. Shoreline retreat at 26.5 m/yr during 1989-2002 was only observed in the southeastern part of Dongtan, which have been mitigated after construction of seawall in 1990s. These shoreline dynamics were closely related to sediment load delivered by the Yangtze River and artificial sea reclamation, and the latter plays a more significant role. Rapid progradation in 1989-2002 was mainly ascribed to the sea reclamation works performed in 1990s, including Tuanjiesha reclamation (1990-1991), Dongwangsha reclamation (1991-1992) and 98-bank reclamation (1998), with reclamation areas of 18.27,44 and 22.67 km2 respectively. Encryption observations revealed that shoreline progradation, however, had slowed since 2002 due to a decline in sediment discharge associated with the entrapment of the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) in the middle Yangtze River. When project to the future, minor progradation or retreat can be expected in response to the declining of the Yangtze sediment supply.

Liu-Satellite-based Shoreline Observation of Eastern Chongming Island, China, 1974-2013_Cn_version.pdf

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