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F2: ID.10640 Crops Monitoring
Tuesday, 05/Jul/2016:
11:30am - 12:30pm

Session Chair: Stefano Pignatti
Workshop: Land & Environment
Location: Sun Moon Room -2, 5.5 Floor, Junyi Dynasty Hotel

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Oral presentation

Summary of Crop Monitoring using European and Chinese Medium Resolution Satellite Data

Jinlong Fan1, Pierre Defourny2

1NSMC, China, People's Republic of; 2Université catholique de Louvain;

In Europe, VEGATAIONA, MERIS and Proba-V are already made available for the world. The Chinese scientific community is using these satellite data for various applications. The Chinese medium resolution spectrometer data with 5 bands in 250m resolution and 15 bands in 1000m onboard Fengyun 3 series satellites became a new data source at the end of 2008. However, in comparison with these European satellite data, the Chinese satellite data are needed to be further improved. Under the framework of Dragon program 3 and with supports from European scientists, the Chinese team has made efforts to improve the processing of the Chinese Medium resolution satellite data(MERSI) with the reference to the methodologies and experiences from European counterparts in order to promote the broad and joint applications of the Chinese and European satellite data. In the past four years, the Chinese team deeply investigated and solved most technique problems so that now it is able to automatically and routinely process the global data of FY3 MERSI. The Chinese team used Proba-V 100m data to correct and cross check the quality of the Chinese Medium resolution satellite data. Under the support of the SIGMA project, The Chinese team has processed Chinese Medium resolution satellite data for 15 SIGMA sites in the world. The European team has checked the processed FY3A/3B MERSI data and inspiring findings have found in terms of the imaging quality and the performance of retrieving LAI and GAI etc. The Chinese team has mapped the winter wheat area in North China Plain in the growing season from 2009 to 2014 with the fine processed FY3A MERSI 250m data. The LAI retrieval algorithm with the FY3 MERSI data was developed based on the in-situ data and other satellite products. The partners of both teams have taken any possible opportunities to meet, discuss and accelerate the implementation of the project. The Chinese team hosted a European young master student to carry out research in China in the spring of 2014. Both research teams are looking forward to a successful and productive achievement for this Dragon project and new deep cooperation in Dragon 4.

Fan-Summary of Crop Monitoring using European and Chinese Medium Resolution Satellite Data_Cn_version.pdf


The geometric correction of FENGYUN satellite 250 meters resolution data

FEI XUE1, JinLong Fan2

1University of Electronic Science and Technology, China, People's Republic of; 2National Satellite Meteorological Centre;

Geometric correction is a very important part of the remote sensing image processing, it is directly related to the degree of accuracy and practical information extraction. The FENGYUN satellite 250 meters resolution data with cheap, practical, and broad coverage, and many other advantages. So finding out the high efficiency, high precision, stability good geometric correction method for the resolution of the satellite 250 m data using has very important significance. This study selected high-quality PROBA - V satellite data as a benchmark image, using the ENVI software respectively with artificial search and automatically find control point two ways for Africa, the americas, Europe and China four points of the satellite 250m resolution data correction.In this paper, the image distortion of the causes and introduces the principle of geometric correction, and with China's heilongjiang province 250 meters of the satellite resolution data for example, display and result analysis and summary of calibration process.

XUE-The geometric correction of FENGYUN satellite 250 meters resolution data_Cn_version.pdf
XUE-The geometric correction of FENGYUN satellite 250 meters resolution data_ppt_present.pdf

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