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Day 1, Monday 26 January 2009
Opening SessionChair: Y.-L. Desnos/M. Engdahl
09:00-09:10 Welcome Mark Doherty (ESA)
09:10-09:30 POLinSAR Achievements and Plans Yves-Louis Desnos (ESA)
09:30-09:40 Workshop Organisation Marcus Engdahl (ESA)
MissionsChair: A. Moreira/E. Attema
09:40-10:00GMES Sentinel-1 Mission and ProductsEvert Attema (ESA)
10:00-10:20Tandem-L: Monitoring the Earth's Dynamics with InSAR and Pol-InSARAlberto Moreira (German Aerospace Center)
10:20-10:40Estimation of Forest Sructure by means of Multi-BAseline Pol-InSAR Konstantinos Papathanassiou (German Aerospace Centre (DLR))
10:40-11:00DESDynI – A NASA Mission for Ecosystems, Solid Earth, and Cryosphere ScienceAnthony Freeman (JPL/Caltech)
11:00-11:30 COFFEE BREAK  
Missions Chair: D. De Lisle/A. Coletta
11:30-11:50Mission Status and Data Availability: TANDEM-XIrena Hajnsek (German Aerospace Center)
11:50-12:10RADARSAT-2: Capabilities and Benefits for the Canadian GovernmentDaniel De Lisle (Canadian Space Agency)
12:10-12:30 Cosmo - Skymed Alessandro Coletta (Italian Space Agency)
Missions Chair: D. De Lisle/A. Coletta
12:30-12:50ALOS/PALSAR and ALOS-2 program – JAXA’s spaceborne L-band SAR programsMasanobu Shimada (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
12:50-13:10Polarization Capabilities and Status of TERRASAR-XIrena Hajnsek (German Aerospace Center)
13:50-15:00 LUNCH  
Calibration/ValidationChair: M. Shimada/A. Freeman
15:00-15:20Calibration of PalSAR polarimetric dataAnthony Freeman (JPL/Caltech)
15:20-15:40Faraday Rotation Estimation from Unfocussed Raw data: Analysis using ALOS PALSAR DataMarco Lavalle (University Tor Vergata)
15:40-16:00PALSAR Polarimetric accuracy and stability evaluated for three years Amazon dataMasanobu Shimada (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
16:00-16:20Polarimetric PALSAR System Model Assessment and CalibrationRidha Touzi (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing)
16:20-16:50 COFFEE BREAK  
Calibration/Validation Chair: M. Shimada/A. Freeman
16:50-17:10Data Quality Assessment of Polarimetric RADARSAT2 Ridha Touzi (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing)
17:10-17:30Calibration of Dual Polarimetric C-BAND SAR data: a possible approach for SENTINEL-1Marco Lavalle (University Tor Vergata)
17:30-18:00 ROUND TABLE Calibration/Validation  
18:00-19:30 WELCOME DRINK  
Day 2, Tuesday 27 January 2009
ForestsChair: K. Papathanassiou/T. Ainsworth
09:00-09:20Boreal Forest Classification Employing Dual-pol PALSAR ImageryTom Ainsworth (Naval Research Lab)
09:20-09:40Forest volume density estimation from ALOS PALSAR data in rugged regionErxue Chen (Chinese Academy of Forestry)
presented by Feilong Ling
09:40-10:00PALSAR tropical forest cover mapping, mosaicing and validation, Case study BorneoDirk Hoekman (Wageningen University)
10:00-10:20The Impact of Temporal Decorrelation Over Forest Terrain in Polarimetric SAR InterferometrySeung-Kuk Lee (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
10:20-10:40ENVISAT/ASAR VV/HH backscattering and the radiation characteristics of subarctic boreal forestTerhikki Manninen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
10:40-11:10 COFFEE BREAK  
Forests Chair: K. Papathanassiou/T. Ainsworth
11:10-11:30Progress on the first POLinSAR analysis of ALOS/PALSAR in the tropical forest of Indonesia.Mahmud Raimadoya (Bogor Agricultural University (IPB))
11:30-11:50Forest Height Estimation with X-band InSAR: Phase Centre Location versus RVoGKugler Florian (German Aerospace Centre (DLR))
11:50-12:30 ROUND TABLE Forests  
Pol-InSARChair: S. Cloude/P. Dubois-Fernandez
12:30-12:50A New Approach to Estimate Forest Parameters Using Dual-Baseline Pol-InSAR DataLu Bai (Institute of Electronics, CAS)
presented by Fang Cao
12:50-13:10Estimation of Ground Topography in Forested Terrain by Means of POLARIMETRIC SAR InterferometryKoichi Iribe (DLR)
13:10-13:30A New Approach for PolInSAR Forest Parameters Inversion: Results Using the ESA ALOS-PALSAR Prototype ProcessorMarco Lavalle (University Tor Vergata)
13:30-13:50Bandwidth Effects in POL-INSAR Forest Parameter Estimation Performance at P-BandSeung-Kuk Lee (German Aerospace Center (DLR))
13:50-15:00 LUNCH  
Pol-InSAR Chair: S. Cloude/P. Dubois-Fernandez
15:00-15:20DTM Extraction Beneath Forest Canopy at L-Band from an Experimental Single-Pass Airborne Pol-InSAR SystemBryan Mercer (Intermap Technologies Corp.)
15:20-15:40POLINSAR at Low Frequency and Ionospheric EffectsPascale Dubois-Fernandez (ONERA)
15:40-16:00Overview of the PolSARpro v4.0 SoftwareEric Pottier (IETR UMR CNRS 6164)
16:00-16:40 ROUND TABLE Pol-InSAR  
16:40-17:10 COFFEE BREAK  
Urban ApplicationsChair: P. Lombardo/G. Trianni
17:10-17:30Performance Evaluation of Polarimetric SAR Interferometry in Urban Scenarios: Analysis of Simulated Images and Cross-correlation with Real Data.Gerard Margarit (GMV A&D)
17:30-17:50Urban Land-cover Mapping Using Multitemporal RADARSAT-2 Polarimetric SAR DataLiang Gao (Royal Institute of Technology)
17:50-18:10Building height estimation using multibaseline L-band SAR data and polarimetric subspace fitting methods Yue Huang (IETR University Rennes 1)
18:10-18:303D Radargrammetric Modeling of Radarsat-2 Ultra-Fine and Polarimetric ModesThierry Toutin (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing)
18:30-19:00 ROUND TABLE Urban Applications  
Day 3, Wednesday 28 January 2009
Compact/Hybrid PolarimetryChair: K. Raney/A. Minchella
09:00-09:20Hybrid-Polarity SAR ArchitectureR Keith Raney (Johns Hopkins University)
09:20-09:40Compact versus full POLARIMETRIC SARRidha Touzi (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS))
09:40-10:00Impact of Polarimetric Dimensionality on Forest Parameter Estimation by Means of Polarimetric SAR InterferometryJun Su Kim (German Aerospace Center)
10:00-10:20Compact Polarimetric SAR Interferometry: PALSAR Observations and Associated Reconstruction AlgorithmsMarco Lavalle (University Tor Vergata)
10:20-10:40Compact Polarimetry: Multi-Thematic EvaluationFrancois Charbonneau (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing)
10:40-11:00Comparison between the conformity coefficient and previous classification techniques for bare surface discrimination and application to compact polarimetry mode My-Linh Truong-Loï (ONERA)
11:00-11:40 ROUND TABLE Compact/Hybrid Polarimetry  
11:40-12:00 Coffee Break  
Soil MoistureChair: L. Ferro-Famil/F. Charbonneau
12:00-12:20Using Polarimetric and Dual-Pol RADARSAT-2 data for Soil Moisture Estimation Francois Charbonneau (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing)
12:20-12:40Soil moisture retrieval over periodic surfaces using PolSAR dataSandrine Daniel (IETR Laboratory, UMR CNRS)
12:40-13:00Soil Moisture Estimation under Vegetation applying Polarimetric Decomposition TechniquesThomas Jagdhuber (German Aerospace Centre (DLR))
13:00-13:20Using fully polarimetric SAR data for the retrieval of soil surface roughness: potentials and limitations for an operational useP. Marzahn (Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich)
13:20-13:50 ROUND TABLE Soil Moisture  
13:50-15:00 LUNCH  
Parallel Session: Cryosphere/Oceans Chair: D. Floricioiu/S. Lehner
15:00-15:20Evaluation of polarimetric configurations for glacier classificationAnthony P. Doulgeris (University of Tromsø)
presented by Torbjørn Eltoft
15:20-15:40Characteristics of snow and ice morphological features derived from multi-polarization TerraSAR-X dataDana Floricioiu (DLR-IMF)
15:40-16:00River Ice Mapping from TERRASAR-X ImagesStéphane Mermoz (IETR)
16:00-16:20Characterisation of oriented volumes in glacier ice and extinction inversion with Pol-InSARJayanti Sharma (DLR (German Aerospace Center))
16:20-16:50 COFFEE BREAK  
Parallel Session: Cryosphere/Oceans Chair: D. Floricioiu/S. Lehner
16:50-17:10Improved ocean wave measurement using dual-polarization SAR data !! Susanne Lehner (German Aerospace Center, DLR)
17:10-17:30Investigating Coastal Polynya Thin Sea Ice State in the Laptev Sea Using TerraSAR-X Dual-Pol Stripmap DataThomas Busche (German Aerospace Center (DLR) e.V.)
17:30-18:30 ROUND TABLE Cryosphere/Oceans  
Parallel Session: Agriculture/Wetlands Chair: R. Touzi /I. Hajnsek
15:00-15:20Crop Characterisation at Short Wavelength POLINSAR Irena Hajnsek (German Aerospace Center)
15:20-15:40Wetland InSAR over the Everglades from space observed polarimetric dataSang-Hoon Hong (University of Miami)
15:40-16:00Rice Monitoring in Spain by means of Time Series of TerraSAR-X Dual-pol ImagesJuan M Lopez-Sanchez (University of Alicante)
presented by J. David Ballester-Berman
16:00-16:20Improvement of Vegetation Parameter Retrieval from Polarimetric SAR Interferometry using a Simple Polarimetric Scattering ModelMaxim Neumann (University of Rennes 1)
16:20-16:50 COFFEE BREAK  
Parallel Session: Agriculture/Wetlands Chair: R. Touzi /I. Hajnsek
16:50-17:10Use of Multi-temporal Polarimetric SAR Data for Crop CharacterisationJai Singh Parihar (Indian Space Research Organisation)
17:10-17:30Coastal wetland monitoring using multi-frequency polarimetric SARSang-Eun Park (University of Rennes 1)
17:30-17:50Coherent and Incoherent Scattering Decomposition in Terms of Roll Invariant Target Parameters : Applications to Wetland Classification Using C-Band SARRidha Touzi (Canada Centre for Remote Sensing)
17:50-18:30 ROUND TABLE Agriculture/Wetlands  
Day 4, Thursday 29 January 2009
POLSARChair: E. Pottier/W. Boerner
09:00-09:20Dual versus Quadpol: A New Test Statistic for Radar PolarimetryShane Cloude (AEL Consultants)
09:20-09:40Polarimetric study of an anisotropic cloud of cylinders in a bistatic configurationElise Colin Koeniguer (ONERA)
09:40-10:00Texture Analysis of Polarimetric SAR dataGianfranco De Grandi (European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre)
presented by Attilio Gambardella
10:00-10:20A Joint Density of Temporal Scattering Elements: Application to Change DetectionEsra Erten (German Aerospace Center)
10:20-10:40Evaluation and Bias Removal of Multi-Look Effect on Entropy/Alpha /Anisotropy Jong-Sen Lee (Naval Research Laboratory)
10:40-11:00Polarimetric Target Detector by the use of the Polarisation ForkArmando Marino (The University of Edinburgh)
11:00-11:30 COFFEE BREAK  
POLSAR Chair: E. Pottier/W. Boerner
11:30-11:50A General Model-based Polarimetric Decomposition Scheme for Vegetated AreasMaxim Neumann (University of Rennes 1)
11:50-12:10Equivalence of Different Format Radar Polarimetric Data for Coherency Matrix EstimationRiccardo Paladini (University of Pisa)
12:10-12:30Dependence of Polarimetric Surface Scattering on Spatial ResolutionSang-Eun Park (University of Rennes 1)
12:30-12:50A Relaxed Wishart Model for Polarimetric SAR DataAnfinsen Stian Normann (University of Tromsø)
12:50-13:10Estimation of normalized coherency matrix through the SIRV model. Application to high resolution POLSAR dataGabriel Vasile (GIPSA-lab, CNRS)
13:10-13:50 ROUND TABLE POLSAR  
13:50-15:00 LUNCH  
TomographyChair: F. Rocca/K. Papathanassiou
15:00-15:20Experiments of 3D SAR Tomography Techniques with P-Band Polarimetric Data Fabrizio Lombardini (University of Pisa)
15:20-15:40Polarimetric Options for P-Band SAR Tomography of Forested AreasStefano Tebaldini (Politecnico di Milano)
15:40-16:00Tandem-L Forest Parameter Performance AnalysisFrancesco De Zan (DLR - German Aerospace Center)
16:00-16:20P-Band SAR Tomography of the Remningstorp Forest SiteStefano Tebaldini (Politecnico di Milano)
16:20-16:50 COFFEE BREAK  
16:50-17:30 ROUND TABLE Tomography  
Poster Session - Agriculture/Wetlands 
Vegetation Parameter Extraction Using Dual Baseline PolinSAR DataHong Zhang (Center for Earth Observation & Digital Earth, CAS)
Agricultural performance monitoring with Polarimetric SAR and Optical ImageryTishampati Dhar (University of Adelaide)
Monitoring of maize damage caused by western corn rootworm by remote sensingGizella Nádor (Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensi)
SarVeillance, une approche multidate à l'aide de R2Hardy Stephane (Viasat-Geotechnologies)
Crop classification in central Navarre (Spain) using polarimetric radar imagesArantzazu Larrañaga Urien (Trabajos Catastrales, S.A.)
Complementarity of 4 polarizations in C-band SAR imagery to estimate biophysical variables for crop monitoringEmilie Bériaux (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Discrimination of different water layers with TerraSar X images in “La Albufera de Valencia, Spain”.Pedro Miguelsanz (Tragsatec)
Near Real-Time Polarimetric C-Band SAR Observations of Vineyards: RADARSAT-2 watching the Italian Frascati wine areaAlessandro Burini (Geo-K)
Vegetation Identification and Change Detection with Radarsat-2 Polarimetric Imagery Joseph Buckley (Royal Military College of Canada)
A space-based hydrological monitoring of wetlands using ALOS dual-pol SAR interferometry Sang-Wan Kim (Sejong University)
Poster Session - Cal/Val 
An Approach to Determine the Maximum Acceptable Distortion Level in Polarimetric Calibration for Pol-InSAR ApplicationsYongsheng Zhou (Inst of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
presented by Fang Cao
Poster Session - Cryosphere/Ocean 
Wind Field Retrieval over the Ocean Using X-Band polarization SAR DataYongzheng Ren (Ocean University of China)
Polarimetric Backscattering Behavior of River Ice CoverStéphane Mermoz (IETR)
Evaluation of TerraSAR-X for natural oil seep studiesMedhavy Thankappan (Geoscience Australia)
Fully Polarimetric SAR data for Oil Slick ObservationFerdinando Nunziata (Università di Napoli Parthenope)
Fully Polarimetric Slick-free and Slick-covered Sea Surface ScatteringAttilio Gambardella (Università di Napoli Parthenope)
Results of the search for the multiyear sea ice objects for deployment of the North Pole drifting station 36 during the field campaign 2008 using ENVISAT WSM and GMM imageryVasily Smolyanitsky (Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute)
SAR Interferometry and Polarimetry for Mapping and Monitoring Permafrost in CanadaBrian Brisco (CCRS)
Investigation of Small Scale Polynya and Sea Ice Dynamics using TerraSAR-X Dual Polarisation Strip Map Mode DataThomas Krumpen (Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI))
Sea oil slick observation by means of fully-polarimetric ALOS PalSAR dataMauricio Migliaccio (Università degli Studi di Napoli)
Poster Session - Forests 
Subarctic boreal forest albedo estimation using ENVISAT/ASAR and SPOTTerhikki Manninen (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
The Dependence of the PolInSAR Degree of Coherence on Forest ParametersMarco Lavalle (University Tor Vergata)
Complex-valued Neural Network Algorithms for Forest Parameters Retrieval and Classification from Polarimetric SAR DataEmanuele Angiuli (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Forest characterization and mapping using fully polarimetric SAR dataMounira Ouarzeddine (USTHB)
X/C-HH InSAR and L-PolInSAR over Lodgepine ForestM. Lorraine Tighe (Intermap Technologies)
Studies of phase center and extinction coefficient for boreal forest using X- and L-band polarimetric interferometry combined with LIDAR measurementsJaan Praks (Helsinki University of Technology)
Tropical forest structure and its relationship with C band polarimetric Radarsat 2 data Tatiana Kuplich (INPE)
Poster Session - Pol-InSAR 
Pol-In-SAR for GB-SAR and GPRMotoyuki Sato (Tohoku University)
Poster Session - POLSAR 
Supervised classification using neural networks based on polarimetric time-frequency signatureMickaël Duquenoy (ONERA)
Fully Automatic Land Cover Maps Generation Using Polarimetric SAR DataFabio Del Frate (Tor Vergata University)
Statistical Characterisation of the Maximum Eigenvalue of a Wishart Distribution with Application to Multi-Channel SAR SystemEsra Erten (German Aerospace Center)
Multiscale analysis of SAR Polarimetric Correlations in the Eastern PyreneesJose M. Redondo (Univ. Politecnica de Catalunya)
Identification of landcover using the modified four-component scattering power decompositionBoularbah Souissi (USTHB)
Segmentation and Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data based on the KummerU DistributionOlivier Harant (GIPSA-Lab)
Monitoring ecosystems in the Amazonian basin with ERS, ENVISAT and ALOS SAR data: Case studies in French Guyana and the Brazilian Jau basinPierre-Louis Frison (Université Paris-Est)
Quazi-scattering matrix registration in repeat pass modeLudmila Zakharova (IRE RAS)
Polarimetric Change Detection with RADARSAT-2Ron Caves (MDA)
Phase Difference Application in Fully PolSAR ImagesNatalia Rodionova (Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics)
Monitoring land use along ORBEL pipeline – Brazil Paulina Setti Riedel (Sao Paulo State University- UNESP)
Saltpan Surface Variations Analysis With RADARSAT-2 DataDaniela Marchionni (Instituto de Recursos Minerales (UNLP-CIC))
On the Influence of Surface Roughness on RADARSAT-2 Polarimetric ObservationsJesus Alvarez-Mozos (Public University of Navarre)
ALOS/PALSAR Unsupervised Polarimetric Classification using Complex Wishart ClassifierMasato Ohki (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agancy)
Advantages of ICA application on RADARSAT-2 data processingPaola Ballatore (MARSec)
Poster Session - Tomography 
Minimal Slant Range Resolution for SAR Tomography of Forested AreasStefano Tebaldini (Politecnico di Milano)
Poster Session - Urban Applications 
Potential of ALOS PALSAR Imaging for Investigation of Archaeological Underground Marks Nicole Dore (University of Rome)
Detect Urban Poverty Pockets with Ultra Fine Beam ImagesCarlos Gustavo Cotlier (Universidad Nacional de Rosario)
Occlusion Boundaries Estimation From A High-Resolution SAR ImageWenju He (Technische Universität Berlin)
Quad-pol Radarsat-2 images over man-made featuresDan Johan Weydahl (FFI)
Poster Session - Other 
A new online course on radar polarimetry and POLSAR image processingBrigitte Leblon (Forestry, U. New Brunswick)
Precise Monitoring of Active Volcanoes using Space-borne L- and C-band Polarimetric SAR Systems Wooil M. Moon (The University of Manitoba)
Land Deformation Assessment using Interferometric Techniques and Geophysic Methods in the Mount Cameroon.Ngouanet Chrétien (National Institute of Cartography)
Poster Session - Missions 
ESA's Candidate Earth Explorer SAR Mission ConceptsKlaus Scipal (European Space Agency)
Day 5, Friday 30 January 2009
09:00-09:20 Invited Keynote Address : "Where do we go from here, and why should fully polarimetric RP-POLinSAR be further advanced towards reaching the limits of physical  realizability" Wolfgang-Martin Boerner (UIC-ECE Communications)
09:30-09:40 SESSION SUMMARY: Calibration/Validation  
09:50-10:00 SESSION SUMMARY: Pol-InSAR  
10:00-10:10 SESSION SUMMARY: Urban Applications  
10:10-10:20 SESSION SUMMARY: Compact/Hybrid Polarimetry  
10:20-10:30 SESSION SUMMARY: Soil Moisture  
10:30-10:40 SESSION SUMMARY: Cryosphere  
10:40-10:50 SESSION SUMMARY: Agriculture/Wetlands  
11:00-11:10 SESSION SUMMARY: Tomography  
11:20-11:50 COFFEE BREAK  
13:50-15:00 LUNCH  


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