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Proceedings of the

MERIS User Workshop
10-13 November 2003
ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

MERIS User Workshop - Proceedings


Session 1: Status of Envisat, Data Distribution, Calibration, Processing and Validation

Chairs: P. Lecomte and P. Goryl

Scope of Water Products - The Quality and Science Flags
C. Brockmann

Session 2: Atmospheric Products Validation

Chairs: R. Santer and J. Fischer

Cross-Validation of MERIS and ASAR-InSAR Water Vapor Observations
J. Muńoz Sabater, R.F. Hanssen & D. Moisseev

Validation of MERIS Near IR Water Vapour Retrievals Using MWR and GPS Measurements
Z. Li, J.-P. Muller, P. Cross, P. Albert, T. Hewison, R. Watson, J. Fisher & R. Bennartz

Inter-Comparison of MERIS, MODIS and MISR Cloud Top Heights
C. Naud, B. Baum, R. Bennarzt, J. Fischer, R. Frey, P. Menzel, J.-P. Muller, R. Preusker & H. Zhang

MERIS Cloud Masks: Exploration and Visualisation of MERIS Spectra
D. Cornford & A. Lyaskovskiy

Session 3: MERIS Water Products Validation

Chairs: A. Morel & J.-P. Huot

An Evaluation of the Accuracy of MERIS Radiometric and Geophysical Products for a Northern Adriatic Sea Coastal Site
G. Zibordi, F. Mélin, J.-F. Berthon, D. van der Linde & B. Bulgarelli

Validation of MERIS Ocean Color Algorithms in the Mediterranean Sea
S. Marullo, F. D'Ortenzio, M. Ribera D'Alcalŕ, M. Ragni, R. Santoleri, V. Vellucci & C. Luttazzi

Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) Mapping from MERIS Imagery
Calibration of a Regional Algorithm for the Belgian Coastal Waters

B. Nechad, V. De Cauwer, Y. Park & K. Ruddick

MERIS Validation Activities at Lake Constance in 2003
P. Gege and S. Plattner

Session 4: MERIS Land Products Validation

Chairs: J. Moreno & M. Rast

MERIS Land Products Validation
D. Ramon, R. Santer, E. Dilligeard, D. Jolivet & J. Vidot

MERIS Global Vegetation Index: Evaluation and Performance
N. Gobron, F. Mélin, B. Pinty, M. Taberner & M.M. Verstraete

Session 5: Coastal and Inland Waters

Chairs: R. Doerffer & K. Ruddick

Algae Bloom Detection in the Baltic Sea with MERIS Data
H. Krawczyk, K. Ebert & A. Neumann

CHL Maps of the Dutch Coastal Zone: A Case Study within the REVAMP Project
S.W.M. Peters, H. van der Woerd & B. Pasterkamp

Validation of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Derived from MERIS on the West Coast of Canada
J. Gower & S. King

Operational Coastal Water Quality Monitoring: Are Space Borne Products an Alternative
to In-Situ Measurements - Where are we Now?

C. Brockmann, S. Dury, G. Hesselmanns, H. Hakvoort, R. Duin, M. Slater, R. Jordans & K. Stelzer

Mapping of Photosynthetic Pigments in Spanish Reservoirs
R. Peńa-Martinez, J.-A. Domínguez-Gómez, C. de Hoyos & A. Ruiz-Verdú

Water Quality Monitoring of Lake Garda Using Multi-Temporal MERIS Data
N. Strömbeck, G. Candiani, C. Giardino & E. Zilioli

Aerosol Retrieval and Atmospheric Correction for MERIS Data over Lakes
D. Floricioiu & H. Rott

Session 6: Land Cover Monitoring

Chairs: F. Baret & M. Verstraete

Monitoring Landcover Changes of the Niger Inland Delta (Mali) by Means of Envisat

R. Seiler & E. Csaplovics

Deriving Landcover Information over Siberia Using MERIS and MODIS Data
L. Skinner & A. Luckman

Use of MERIS Data for Land Cover Mapping in the Netherlands
J.G.P.W. Clevers, H.M. Bartholomeus, C.A. Mücher & A.J.W. de Wit

Monitoring Snow Cover in Alpine Regions through the Integration of MERIS and AATSR
Envisat Satellite Observations

M.L. Tampellini, P.A. Brivio, P. Carrara, D. Fantoni, S. Gnocchi, G. Ober, M. Pepe, A. Rampini,
R. Ratti, F. Rota Nodari & T. Strozzi

Session 7: Vegetation Monitoring

Chairs: J. Privette & J. Curran

MTCI: The MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index
J. Dash & P.J. Curran

Session 8: New Methods

Chairs: P. Curran & J. Gower

A Method for Atmospheric Correction Based on Spectral and Spatial Variability
D. Béal, F. Baret & X.F. Gu

Atmospheric Correction of MERIS Imagery above Case-2 Waters
T. Schroeder & J. Fischer

A Technique for Aerosol Retrieval over Land from MERIS Data
L. Guanter, J.M. Martí,L. Alonso & J.F. Moreno

Use of the 709 NM Band of MERIS to Detect Intense Plankton Blooms and Other
Conditions in Coastal Waters

J. Gower, S. King, W. Yan, G. Borstad & L. Brown

Poster and Demo Session

Chairs: M. Rast & G. Zibordi

Integrated Watershed Modeling
P. Bagulho Galvăo, R. Neves, A. Silva, P. Chambel Leităo & F. Braunchweig

Deriving Albedo from Coupled MERIS and MODIS Surface Products
F. Gao, C. Schaaf, Y. Jin, W. Lucht, & A. Strahler

Aerosol Retrieval from MERIS and Ground-Based Radiometers in the German Bight,
Turbid Coastal Waters

I. Behnert, R. Doerffer, G. Becu, P.-Y. Deschamps & N. Fomferra

HiProGen ­ A System to Generate High Level Products
T. Lankester, C. Loial, S. Hubbard, K. Andersson & G. Pittella

MERIS Imagery over Belgian Coastal Waters: Mapping of Suspended Particulate
Matter and Chlorophyll-A

K. Ruddick, Y. Park & B. Nechad

Development of an Integrated System for Coastal Waters
P. Pina, F. Martins, P. Chambel Leităo, F. Braunchweig & R. Neves

Determination of Fine Particulate Matter from MERIS and SeaWiFS Aerosol Data
D. Ramon, R. Santer & J. Vidot

Implementation of New Technologies to Monitor Phytoplankton Blooms in the South of Chile
C. Rodríguez-Benito, C. Haag & A. Alvial

MERIS IPWV Validation: A Multisensor Experimental Campaign in the Central Italy
P. Ciotti, E. Di Giampaolo, P. Basili, S. Bonafoni, V. Mattioli, R. Biondi, E. Fionda, F.Consalvi,
A. Memmo, D. Cimini, R. Pacione & F.Vespe

Application Development for the Utilisation of ENVISAT Data
G. Csornai, Zs. Suba, Cs. Wirnhardt, G. Nádor, L. Tikász, I. László, Á. Csekő & L. Martinovich

Synergy of MERIS/ASAR for Observing Marine Film Slicks and Small Scale Processes
J. da Silva, S. Correia, S.A. Ermakov, I.A. Sergievskaya & L.S. Robinson

MERIS O2 Calibration using SCIAMACHY Measurements
S. Casadio & P. Colagrande

Demonstration of the BEAM Software ­ A Tutorial for making Best Use of VISAT
C. Brockmann

MERIS Workshop User Observations and Recommendations

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Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry