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Advances in the Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry

30th November - 4th December 2009
Frascati, Italy



  • 30-09-2010: The Fringe 2009 SP proceedigns are now available on-line >> HERE

  • 01-03-2010: The Fringe 2009 combined summaries and recommendations are now available on-line >> HERE

  • 04-02-2010: The Workshop presentations are now available on-line at: >> HERE

  • 04-02-2010: The Final Programme is now available on-line at: >> HERE

  • 27-11-2009: The session seed questions can be found
    >> HERE

  • 24-09-2009: Special Issue on Fringe 2007 results has been published in the Journal of Applied Geoscience at the Summaries and Recommendations of the Fringe 2007 Workshop page.


The European Space Agency is organising its 6th International Workshop on “Advances in the Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry”, which will be hosted in ESA-ESRIN in Frascati, Italy from 30th of November through 4th December 2009.


The main objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Provide a forum for scientific exchange and to initiate and encourage close collaboration between individual research groups
  • Present new results from the latest studies in the field and to assess the state-of-the-art
  • Provide a forum for ESA Principal Investigators to present results and status of AO and Cat-1 projects
  • Present the interferometric results from the new spaceborne sensors
  • Discuss the use of InSAR data for scientific research and applications development.
  • Assess the available data ordering and analysis tools
  • Formulate recommendations for algorithm and new products development
  • To review and assess the maturity and operational readiness of InSAR application


The workshop is open to ESA Principal Investigators and co-investigators, scientists and students working in the field of SAR Interferometry and its applications, and to representatives from national, European and international space agencies and value adding industry.

Proposed Themes


  • Earthquakes and tectonics 
  • Ice and snow
  • Terrain subsidence and landslides
  • Thematic mapping and DEMs
  • Volcanoes
  •  PSI validation


  • InSAR with the new and planned spaceborne SAR missions
  • Ground-based & airborne InSAR

Methodology and techniques:

  • General
  • DInSAR & PSI
  • Atmosphere
  • Polarimetric Interferometry & Tomography

Recent Events:

  • L'Aquila Earthquakes
  • Other


The workshop is organised around:

  • Papers and posters selected by the Scientific Committee
  • Invited papers on ESA studies
  • Round-table discussions with seed questions prepared by the Scientific Committee and ESA
  • Demonstration of software tools
  • Workshop Proceedings to be published by ESA