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Validation activities of the Landsat 8 ESA Near Real Time (NRT) products are conducted on a monthly basis. The tests are performed on data from specific calibration / validation test sites including Libya-4 (the Pseudo Invariant Calibration Site (PICS)) and La Crau (France) (a Geometric Calibration Site). The following product specifications parameters are estimated, assessed and updated:

  • Radiometric Calibration Accuracy: By monitoring, at a given date, the OLI Top of Atmosphere (TOA) reflectance measurements obtained from the Libya-4 test site and conducting inter-comparisons with equivalent data acquired under the same sun illumination conditions.


  • Geolocation Accuracy: By monitoring the absolute / relative geometric registration between the Landsat 8 input images and a reference image.


  • Band to Band Registration Accuracy: By monitoring the overall accuracy of image registration; activities for which different combinations of image twins are considered.


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The latest report can be found here, which details the methods, test site descriptions and results.

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