The information provided in this page is applicable to the latest MIPAS Level 1b and Level 2 data sets, available to users via Fast Registration. The MIPAS Level 1b processor IPF version 7.11 and version 8.03 and the MIPAS Level 2 processor ML2PP version 6.0 and version 7.03 have been used for the reprocessing of products for both Full Resolution and Optimized Resolution phases of the MIPAS mission.


Level 1b


MIPAS Level 1 MICAL version 8.03 Technical Documents:


MIPAS Level 1b IPF version 7.11 Technical Documents:


Level 2

MIPAS Level 2 ML2PP version 7.03 Technical Documents:


MIPAS Level 2 ML2PP version 6.0 Technical Documents:


Corresponding verification and Cal/Val reports are available in the Validation Activities


Minimize MIPAS Auxiliary Data Files
The MIPAS Auxiliary Data Files used in Level 1b and Level 2 processing are available here