Minimize (A)ATSR

The Third Reprocessing of ATSR-1, ATSR-2 and AATSR data generated a consistent and high-quality dataset, containing many improvements:

  • Improved SST coefficients (based on ARC knowledge)
  • Improved view colocation
  • Improved absolute geolocation (to within 1km, for AATSR)
  • Improved and consistent visible channel calibration
  • New SST L2P (and L3U) products based on ARC processor

Users are encouraged to access the improved SST data within the newly generated L2P/L3U netCDF products, rather than the Envisat-format Level 2 NR products. (For AATSR, users are encouraged to access the improved LST data within the newly generated LST products rather than the NR products. Note: improved LST products are not yet available for ATSR-1 or ATSR-2.)

Information on the calibration, validation and data quality is available under the dedicated individual instrument sections (see links above).

The Third (A)ATSR Reprocessing dataset is made available as follows:
• FTP:
• HTTP: (Area/time extraction and bulk download via MERCI – for TOA_1P and NR_2P products)
• NAS: NAS disks for large requests

Customers already registered for access to the (A)ATSR service can use the same UserID and Password for accessing the new servers. For new users, access to the 3rd Reprocessing dataset is provided upon Fast Registration.

A Fourth Reprocessing of the (A)ATSR dataset is being planned, which will introduce further improvements to the dataset, including ortho-geolocation and uncertainty estimates, as well as putting the data into a format similar to Sentinel-3 data format in order to provide continuity with SLSTR data. Data from this reprocessing is expected to be available in 2016. Further information on the plans for the Fourth Reprocessing will be communicated as it becomes available.