Minimize Multi-sensors Timeseries

(A)ATSR Multimission Dataset

The ATSR-1, ATSR-2 and AATSR missions have resulted in a near-continuous dataset spanning over 20 years from 1991 to 2012.

Reprocessing of Altimeter Products for ERS (REAPER)

The REAPER (REprocessing of Altimeter Products for ERS) project covers both the ERS-1 and the ERS-2 Altimetry missions.

Systematic Landsat Archive Processing (SLAP)

The SLAP (Systematic Landsat Archive Processing) project covers MSS, TM and ETM+ products from Landsat missions 1 – 7.

SEOM CAWA: Advanced Clouds, Aerosols and WAter vapour products for Sentinel-3/OLCI

The ESA – SEOM funded CAWA project "Advanced Clouds, Aerosols and WAter vapour products for Sentinel-3/OLCI" aims to the development and improvement of advanced atmospheric retrieval algorithms, developed for the Envisat/MERIS instrument and extend these to the Sentinel-3/OLCI mission.