Minimize Definition of Dataset and Product Baseline

LATEST_BASELINES FOLDER: the users will find all the interoperable products generated in a consistent way with the application of all significant data quality improvements, but not necessarily covering the entire mission.

ENTIRE_MISSION_DATA FOLDER: the users will find  the full data coverage of the entire mission, regardless of any consideration of interoperability among the same product type. In other words the data might have been produced with strategies or knowledge that does not make the products necessarily interoperable for certain type of science. This information can be still be captured by looking at the Product Baseline number.

N.B. This strategy ensures that users do not mix old data with new products that have been improved in quality by significant upgrades. It might occur that not all of the old data is immediately regenerated or reprocessed into the ‘Latest_baselines' Folder. Therefore if the user does not find the improved product in the ‘Latest_baselines' Folder but s/he is nonetheless interested in accessing the data without the significant data quality improvements, s/he can find them in the ‘Entire_mission_data' Folder.

Please refer to the Data Quality page to check the Product Baselines details of the ‘Latest_baselines' and ‘Entire_mission_data' Level 1b and Level 2 Cat-2 Datasets.

PRODUCT BASELINE: is a number associated to a specific product type and satellite. The Product Baseline is identified by the first two of the four digits placed at the end of the file name, i.e. the first two digits of the File_Version field represent the Product Baseline, while the last two represent an incremental File Counter.
SW_OPER_STRCATT_1B_20140218T000000_20140218T235959_0301_MDR_SAT_AT.cdf  >  where 03 is the Product Baseline number, while 01 is only an incremental File Counter.

The Product Baseline is increased when upgrades lead to significant improvements in the data quality of the related products. This subsequently leads to a reprocessing of the affected product types. Products with an older File Counter but same Product Baseline are erased.
Please note that a Dataset may contain products with different Product Baselines, as shown in the example below.


  SatA SatB SatC
ORBATT 03 04 03
MAGNET 03 04 04
ACCELE 03 05 04
PLASMA 04 04 04

They will be presented into the same "Latest_baselines" folder related to the L1B in the data dissemination server.

  SatA SatB SatC SatAC
IBI 01 01 01 n/a
FAC 02 02 02 02
TEC 01 01 01 n/a
EEF 03 02 03 n/a


They will be presented into the same "Latest_baselines" folder related to the L2Cat2 in the data dissemination server.