Minimize SMOS Products and Algorithms
Minimize Products Information

The following SMOS datasets are available:

  • Level 1A data products - These are the SMOS reformatted and calibrated Observation and Housekeeping data in engineering units.
  •  Level 1B data products - The SMOS level 1B products are the output of the image reconstruction of the SMOS observation measurements and consist of Fourier Components of Brightness Temperatures in the antenna polarisation reference frame.
  •  Level 1C data products - SMOS level 1C products constitute processed level 1B, which are geographically sorted, that is swath-based maps of Brightness Temperature.
  • Level 2 data products

o   L2 SM - Soil Moisture swath-based maps

o   L2 OS - Ocean Salinity swath-based maps

  • Near-Real Time (NRT) products - These products are similar to the Level 1C product but adjusted to requirements of operational meteorological agencies such as ECMWF and MétéoFrance, available three hours from sensing.

Detailed information concerning each of the above datasets, including product specifications and information on data format and file naming, is available here.


For an optimal exploitation of the current SMOS L2 data set V620 consult the read-me-first notes available for V620 soil moisture data and V622 sea surface salinity data