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A brief description of the mission, its operations and main mission highlights is available in the sections below:

Mission and Sensors Description  |   Mission Operations Overview    

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EGG (Electrostatic Gravity Gradiometer)


The main objective of EGG is to measure the three components of the GGT (Gravity-Gradient Tensor). The EGG instrument is based on an ambient temperature, closed loop, capacitive accelerometer concept. EGG is a three-axis gradiometer consisting of 3 pairs of three-axis servo-controlled capacitive accelerometers on an ultra-stable carbon-carbon structure. The EGG is also used as a main sensor in the DFACS.


SSTI (Satellite to Satellite Tracking Instrument)


The SSTI consists of an advanced dual-frequency, 12-channel GPS receiver and an L-band antenna. The receiver is capable of simultaneously acquiring signals broadcast from up to 12 spacecraft in the GPS constellation. The SSTI instrument delivers, at 1Hz, so-called pseudo-range and carrier-phase measurements on both GPS frequencies, as well as a real-time orbit navigation solution.


For any further details about the sensors and the mission please refer to the eoportal web page.


GOCE in orbit. Credits:ESA–AOES-Medialab