Minimize SAR Products Availability

Level 0

ERS-2 L0 data products (SAR.RAW) consist of the SAR telemetry data corresponding to 16 seconds of data collection; it also contains all required auxiliary data for SAR processing. RAW data are provided in two formats (CEOS product specificationENVISAT product specification).

AMI Wave (UWA)

Power spectrum in polar coordinates. The power spectrum is based on a sample of data covering an area of at least 5 x 5 km. The instrument on the satellite collects data at intervals of approximately 200 to 300 km. The sample patch may be anywhere in the 100-km wide swath in the order of 2 km steps. Input for this product can be OBRC or OGRC data.

AMI Wave Noise (UWAND)

Mean magnitude and standard deviation of the noise data, as well as four calibration pulses, extracted at the beginning of a measurement sequence (= scene). It should be mentioned that even when the orbit propagator returns an error code, the raw data are extracted. So within the product the orbit data may be wrong.