Minimize SAR Quality Control Reports

Product Anomalies

Users should be aware that ERS-2 SAR products from January 2001 onwards were acquired under degraded attitude conditions following the gyroscope failure in January 2001. Following this failure, an attempt was made to pilot without the use of gyroscopes ("gyro-less piloting mode" or Extra Backup Mode (EBM) from January 2001 to June 2001).

Quality Control Products Parameter Plots

Parameters extracted from the SAR telemetry, such as replica and calibration pulses, is presented.

Cyclic Reports

The cyclic reports summarise the results of the investigations made for the ERS-2 SAR instrument.

Yaw Weekly Reports

The yaw weekly reports give information on the ERS-2 Doppler variations caused by problems with the on-board gyroscopes.

Telemetry Data

This section provide information related to the acquisition of the instrument telemetry data. The data include instrument working modes, temperatures, currents and voltages of the transmitter and calibration chain, and finally the antenna temperatures.