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A brief description of the instrument, its operations and main mission highlights is available in the sections below:

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The ERS-2 Radar Altimeter operates in 2 modes: ocean mode and ice mode. Beam width = 1.3 deg; foot print = 16 - 20 m (depending on sea state). RA-1 operates by timing the two-way delay for a short duration radio frequency pulse, transmitted vertically downwards. The required level of range measurement accuracy (better than 10 cm) calls for a pulse compression technique (chirp). The instrument employs frequency modulation and spectrum analysis of the pulse shape. RA-1 provides measurements leading to the determination of:

  •  Precise altitude (ocean surface elevation for the study of ocean currents, the tides and the global geoid)
  • Significant wave height
  • Ocean surface wind speed
  • Various ice parameters (surface topography, ice types, sea/ice boundaries)
More details in this ESA Bulletin