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A brief description of the instrument, its operations, and main mission highlights is available in the sections below:

  Sensor Description   |    Sensor Modes   |   Mission Operations Overview     

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GOME was a nadir viewing spectrometer with an across-track scan sequence consisting of four ground pixel types called East, Nadir, West, and Backscan with 1.5 sec integration time each (default mode). The three forward-scan pixels had nominal resolution of 40 km x 320 km while the back-scan pixel 40 km x 960 km. The default mode with the largest footprint provided global coverage at the Equator within three days. Measurements for both forward- and back-scan pixels were processed and written to the products.


In addition to the default measurement mode, GOME operations included the following  specific measurement modes: (1) Narrow Swath,  (2) North Polar View, (3) South Polar View, (4) Monthly/Quarterly Calibration, (5) Daily Calibration (solar Calibration). Details can be found in the GOME User Manual.



GOME scan pattern in Nadir Viewing (two successive nominal scans).