Minimize SCIAMACHY Daily Quality Reports

Level 0

SCIAMACHY Level 0 data products contain telemetry data and ISP as received from the instrument. The monitoring of Level 0 data provided a first check of the operational processing performance, allowing detection of anomalies in the acquisition and transmission of the instrument source packets. Furthermore it was is an important to check for the instrument behaviour, especially house keeping data like detector temperatures.

Level 1

SCIAMACHY Level 1b data products are geolocated radiances not fully calibrated. The monitoring of Level 1b data consisted in checking significant indicators to test the quality of the measured spectra and the correctness of the calibration processes. SCIAMACHY Level 1 products were processed Near Real Time (NRT) at ESRIN and Kiruna sites by using available NRT auxiliary information. Level 1 consolidated products (generated about 2 weeks after sensing time) were processed off-line (OFL) at D-PAC using the most precise auxiliary data available.

Level 2

Level 2 data products contain final geolocated geophysical parameters. The monitoring of Level 2 data allows the detection of ng anomalies in the retrieval processes. With the activation of the SCIAMACHY Level 2 processor Version 5.01, the operational Fast Delivery data processing of Level 2 products started at D-PAC. With this new service ESA provided to the users within 24 hours from data acquisition the full SCIAMACHY Level 2 products based on Level 1b near real-time data and predicted instead of consolidated auxiliary files.