Minimize SCIAMACHY Quality Control Reports

Products Availability

This section provides information about the completeness of the latest SCIAMACHY processed datasets (Level 0, Level 1b, and Level 2). Details about processed products, instrument anomalies, and missing measurements are given on a calendar basis for the full mission.

Product Anomalies

During the generation of the SCIAMACHY consolidated Level 1b and Level 2 products, processing exceptions or anomalies were discovered. This section provides lists with the products affected.

Daily Quality Reports

The main objective of the SCIAMACHY Daily Reports is to provide a daily monitoring of the mission and of the operational data processing chains. The daily reports allow a quick detection of any anomaly in the instrument performance or data processing. The monitoring and reporting is made using the QUADAS tool which ingests the received products into long term databases and generates the html reports. The quality monitoring for SCIAMACHY is implemented for all the level of production and includes content and consistency checks.

Bi-Monthly Quality Reports

The main objective of the SCIAMACHY Bi-Monthly Reports is to present, on a regular basis, the status of SCIAMACHY instrument performance, data acquisition, results of anomaly investigations, calibration activities and validation campaigns. The SCIAMACHY Bi-Monthly Report is composed of analysis results obtained by the Instrument Data quality Evaluation and Analysis (IDEAS) team, combined with inputs received from the different groups working on SCIAMACHY operation, calibration, product validation and data quality (SOST-DLR, SOST-IFE, and SRON).

Monthly Maps

World map plots of vertical column density (VCD) values of O3, NO2, H2O, SO2, BrO, averaged over a month, were generated from consolidated Level 2 products version 5. Maps are currently available only for a limited part of the mission.