Minimize SCIAMACHY Cal/Val
Minimize Calibration Activities

The final calibrated Earth radiance spectra are obtained by applying several calibration steps to the measured Earthshine signals. They include in-flight calibration measurements, on-ground measurements performed under thermal vacuum conditions or ambient tests. Monitoring the optical performance monitoring permits to correct for degradation effects throughout the instrument's lifetime.The calibration scheme adopted during the SCIAMACHY lifetime was defined by an expert calibration team before launch, and constantly revised throughout the mission. Accurate in-flight calibration parameters, required to calibrate the Level 1b products, were regularly calculated from specific measurement categories planned on daily, weekly, and monthly timescales. Dark signal parameters, Pixel-to-Pixel Gain and Etalon parameters, Spectral calibration parameters, and Solar reference spectra were thus derived.

A detailed description can be found in the Level 1b ATBD and in the corresponding SCIAMACHY Product Handbook sections.