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A brief description of the instrument, its operations and main mission highlights is available in the sections below:

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The RA-2 instrument, on board the Envisat satellite (March 2002 - April 2012) is a dual-frequency, nadir-pointing, pulse-limited radar operating at 13.575 GHz (Ku-band) and 3.2 GHz (S-Band) using a single antenna dish. It is designed to operate autonomously and without interruption over all surfaces: ocean, land and ice. RA-2 was the first high-latitude altimeter that aims to improve the precision of previous altimeters over open oceans (ERS satellites), enhancing operations over ice sheets. More details are available on this ESA bulletin.


Regional map of mean sea level trends from October 1992 to March 2010 as measured by radar altimeters.
Credits: ESA CCI Project