Minimize RA2 Quality Control Reports

Daily Quality Reports

The main objective of the RA2 Daily Reports was to provide a daily monitoring of the mission and of the operational FGDR data processing chains. The daily reports allowed a quick detection of any anomaly in the instrument performance or data processing. The monitoring and reporting was made using the QUADAS tool which ingested the received products into long term databases and generated the html reports. The QUADAS quality monitoring for RA2 is implemented for all the level of production and included content and consistency checks.

Cyclic Quality Reports

The FGDR RA2 Cyclic Reports were distributed by ESA-ESRIN GMQ (IDEAS) to keep the User Community informed of any modification regarding the processor, updates of auxiliary products, data acquisition, processing and data quality. It was also used to report, on a regular basis, on the RA2 instrument performance, anomaly investigations, and the staus of calibration activities, validation and quality control activities . The Cyclic Report was composed of analysis results obtained by the IDEAS team (PCS Team previously).