Minimize MWR Products and Algorithms
Minimize Processor Releases

The Envisat GDR and SGDR data are generated using two software: the ESA IPF, from Level0 to Level1B (that includes the processing of MWR data), and the CNES Bibli ALTI, from Level1B to Level2.
The improvements in reprocessing baseline 3.0 relative to the MWR and wet tropospheric corrections are listed below, further details can be found in the product handbook:

MWR Level 1b processor

Updated in-flight calibration insuring consistency between the L2 retrieval algorithms and the RA2-MWR observations

Updated side lobe correction tables accounting for the actual antenna patterns


MWR Level 2 processor

NetCDF format (standard and enhanced datasets)

New dry and wet tropospheric model corrections computed from the integration of ECMWF ERA-Interim profiles at the altitude of the measurement

Updated radiometer wet tropospheric correction: improvement of the retrieval estimation

New radiometer wet tropospheric correction field computed using lapse rate and sea surface temperature as additional input together with the brightness temperatures and the backscatter coefficient

New GPD+ wet tropospheric correction field

Updated backscatter coefficient atmospheric attenuation and alternative computation from model wet tropospheric correction

Updated rain flag and sea ice flag tuning

New maneuver flag field

New surface classification and distance to shore fields

New continental ice flag field