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MERIS Technical Documents - Documentation applicable to the processors MEGS 8 used for the 3rd reprocessing and to the equivalent operational processor IPF 6


    MERIS 3rd data reprocessing documentation
        MERIS 3rd data reprocessing - Reprocessing Changes
        MERIS 3rd data reprocessing - Reprocessing Changes Synthesis
        MERIS 3rd data reprocessing - Validation Report
        MERIS 3rd data reprocessing - Validation Report Synthesis
    MERIS product Specifications
    Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents – ATBD
        Table with ATBD
    Detailed Processing Model
        DPM L1
        DPM L2
    Reference Model and Radiative Transfer Model description for MERIS Level 2 processing
        Ocean RMD Reference Model for MERIS Level 2 Processing
        Specification of the scientific contents of the MERIS L1b & L2 Auxiliary Data Products
        Specification of the scientific contents of the MERIS Radiative Transfer Tools used to generate the L2 Auxiliary Data Products
    MERIS instrument calibration, Ludovic Bourg and Steven Delwart, 2012


MERIS Product Quality Reporting

    MERIS Cyclic Reports
    MERIS NRT Products Availability Status
    MERIS spectral campaign documentation - unavailability of nominal data
    MERIS Smile Effect Characterization and Correction
    MERIS Absolute Geolocation Status
    MERIS Wavelength and Irradiances Model
    MERIS nominal Spectral Response Functions: centered at nominal wavelengths with camera-averaged widths
    Nominal Spectral Response Functions (SRFs) computed from MERIS Spectral Model 2004 - the official one for 2nd and 3rd reprocessings - but forcing central wavelengths to their theoretical values, hence compatible with the Level 2 processing algorithms and look-up-tables. Spectral characteristics used to compute the SRFs other than response centering, namely those defining the SRF of individual CCD cells, have been obtained by averaging over cameras.


Historical Documents

    MERIS Instrument Processing Facility (IPF) Evolution
    Payload to Ground Interface Document (PGICD)          (on request)
    MERIS Commissioning phase - MERIS Commissioning plan
    GAEL-P179-TCN-006-01-0 MERIS Absolute Geolocation Status
    MERIS 2nd data reprocessing documentation
        MERIS 2nd reprocessing: changes description
        MERIS Products Quality Status Report MEGS7.4 and IPF5
        DPM, ATBD and product specification          (on request)
    MERIS 1st data reprocessing documentation
        First 2003 MERIS Data Archive Reprocessing


Proceedings & MVT

    MERIS User Workshop
    Proceedings (on CD-ROM)
    Envisat MAVT 2003 - Working Meeting on MERIS and AATSR Calibration and Geophysical Validation
    Proceedings (on CD-ROM)


Instruments & Application

    MERIS The Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
    Special Publication
    MERIS - A New Generation of Ocean-Colour Sensor onboard ENVISAT
    International Journal of Remote Sensing: Special Issue: ESA Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS)