Minimize ASAR Products Availability

Level 0

There are nine Level 0 products for ASAR. The first seven correspond to the five main measurement modes, with the Alternating Polarisation (AP) mode Level 0 divided into 3 possible products. The final two Level 0 products are the External Characterisation Level 0 and Module Stepping Mode Level 0 products. Check the ASAR Products Specification for more details.

Level 1

There are 18 Level 1 products for ASAR. These correspond to the five main measurement modes. For the IM, AP mode products there are five product types: complex, detected, geocoded medium resolution and browse while for WS mode there are three product types: complex, medium resolution and browse.  For GM mode there are two product types: detected and browse product types.  Finally for WV mode there three product types: SLC Imagette and Imagette Cross-Spectra, Imagette Cross-Spectra and a level 2 version of the Imagette Cross-Spectra.