Minimize ASAR Quality Control Reports

Products Anomalies

A list of product anomalies that occurred throughout the mission is available for users.

Daily Quality Reports

ASAR Daily Quality Reports are provided for every day for which data products are available. They provide details on the number of products produced, the auxiliary file being used operationally, and analysis of: calibration Module Stepping Mode products, Internal Calibration pulses in WVS and GM modes, Doppler maps and ANX plots for WVS and GM modes and Doppler jumps in WSM mode, Chirps for WSM mode, WVS and IMM Raw data and Telemetry data.

Monthly Quality Reports

ASAR Monthly Reports are provided once per month and provide details on the instrument status, the low rate background regional ASAR mission, Doppler monitoring, image quality and radiometric analysis, elevation antenna pattern monitoring and auxiliary file updates. In the appendices are lists of instrument unavailabilities and data disclaimers. A final monthly report was issued in April 2013 that includes the whole mission list of unavailabilities and data disclaimers.

Bulk Processing Quality Reports

The ASAR Bulk Processing Quality Report provides the description and results of quality control checks performed on the Level 1 ASAR Medium Resolution products (APM, GM1, IMM and WSM) that were generated as a result of an ASAR Bulk Processing Campaign using the PF-ASAR v6.03.