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ASAR operational modes are described further in the ASAR handbook.
Standard operations provided a 35 day repeat orbit. Special modes include the tandem mode (joint interferometric modes with ERS-2 and ENVISAT .Tandem operation with ENVISAT occurred for:

  • 1st tandem mission – 09/2007 to 02/2008
  • 2nd tandem mission – 11/2008 to 04/2009
  • 3rd tandem mission – 02/2010 to 04/2010
  • 4th tandem mission – July to October 2010

The ASAR acquisitions information is stored in the EOLI catalogue (the Client for browsing the catalogue can be downloaded here).

Description and Measurement Modes

The Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar is a high resolution imaging radar. It was operated in 5 distinct Measurement Modes: Image Mode (IM), Alternating Polarisation Mode (AP), Wide Swath Mode (WS), Global Monitoring Mode (GM), and Wave Mode (WV). Within each mode, several different image swaths were used. IM, AP and WS modes were designated as High Rate (HR) modes and have a downlink rate of 100 Mbps. GM and WV were Low Rate (LR) modes and have a data generation of 0.9 Mbps.

In addition, ASAR supported 2 Auxiliary Modes (Test Mode, and Module Stepping Mode) and one Calibration Mode (External Characterization Mode) which were used for testing, calibration and instrument monitoring. Finally, one of five possible on-board data quantisation methods could have been used for each mode, although each has a default choice which will be used in most cases.

Check the ASAR Products Specification for more details.