Minimize AATSR Geophysical product - Sea Surface Temperature (SST L2P/L3U)

The L2P product contains full resolution dual-view Sea Surface Temperature (SST) values. These SST have been generated using the ARC-based SST retrieval and cloud screening, which differ from the methods used to produce the Gridded Surface Temperature (ATS_NR__2P) products. In addition to SST, the L2P products contain the ATSR Saharan Dust Index and the clear-sky probability estimated by the ARC cloud detection algorithm.

The L2P processor also generates L3U products; these are the L2P products averaged onto a regular grid at 0.1 degree resolution (they are therefore similar to the AR / Meteo Envisat-format products).

The L2P and L3U products are provided in NetCDF-4 format following GHRSST Data Specifications (GDS) v2.


NoteA previous version of the L2P products was available during the operational lifetime of AATSR. This was replaced by the ARC-based L2P/L3U products as part of the third reprocessing.


Further details on the Level 2 SST L2P/L3U products are available in the User Guide.