Minimize AATSR Gridded Brightness Temperature and Radiance (ATS_TOA_1P)

The Level 1B product consists of TOA brightness temperatures and reflectance values at full resolution for both the nadir and forward views (7 channels each view, 14 measurements total) of the conical scan. The product has been calibrated for known instrument and atmospheric effects. The Level 1B product is resampled to a fixed grid aligned to the subsatellite track, with both the forward view and the nadir view resampled to the same grid. Surface identification is also performed on a pixel by pixel basis. Pixels types (Land, Sea, Cloud) can be identified using flags. In addition, the localization (Lat. Long.) and the viewing geometry are provided. The Level 1B product is the base product for all Level 2 processing. The product is produced systematically in stripline form, from which portions may be extracted using multiples of the 512 km by 512 km minimum scene size.


Further details on the Level 1B products are available in the AATSR Handbook.