Minimize AATSR Products and Algorithms

These sections provide basic information on the products and processor versions used. 


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Minimize Processor Releases

The AATSR IPF Change Log summarises the changes made to the AATSR processing since launch. It covers the AATSR Instrument Processing Facility (IPF) as well as the specialist SST L2P processor (developed by the University of Edinburgh). A specialist LST processor has also been developed by the University of Leicester.


The latest processing configuration is:

  • AATSR IPF: v6.05
  • SST L2P processor: Rev 1735(M)
  • UOL LST processor: (only one version released)

This configuration was used for the third reprocessing of AATSR data.


Auxiliary datafiles for AATSR are available here.
(If downloading, note that some ADF names are not unique for the (A)ATSR multimission dataset)