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The CryoSat-2 menu to your right provide information concerning the SPPA activities for this mission. 


A brief description of the mission, its operations and main mission highlights is available in the sections below:

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CryoSat-2 is designed to acquire continuously while revolving around our planet, switching automatically to its three measurement modes according to a geographic mode mask:

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is operated over sea-ice areas and over some ocean basins and coastal zones.
  • SAR Interferometric (SARIn) mode is used over steeply sloping ice-sheet margins, over some geostrophic ocean currents and over small ice caps and areas of mountain glaciers. It is also used over some major hydrological river basins.
  • Low Resolution Mode (LRM) is operated over areas of the continental ice sheets, over oceans and over land not covered by other modes.
The geographical mask is converted into a weekly timeline of instrument commands by the mission planning system, taking into account the CryoSat reference orbit. Use following link for access to Geographical Mode Mask.