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ALOS products follow the standard CEOS format convention. The detailed product format specifications have been defined and are maintained by JAXA and are available here.

Products provided by ADEN are generated using the JAXA processor, integrated in the ADEN ground segment. Therefore, product format and auxiliary information provided in the product (product coordinates, calibration parameters, etc.) are those defined by JAXA.

The following PALSAR product types are available:

  •  Level 1.0: raw data
  • Level 1.1: processed single look complex slant range data
  • Level 1.5: processed detected ground range data (geo-referenced or geocoded)

Detailed information concerning each of the above data types is available in Information on ALOS PALSAR Product for ADEN Users and the PALSAR User Guide (Section 5). 


Products Availability

To search and browse the available PALSAR products in the ADEN archives, please refer to ESA's multi-mission catalogue.
Searching is possible without registration; ordering is only possible for registered users.