Minimize AVNIR-2 & PRISM Products and Algorithms

ALOS products follow the standard CEOS format convention. The detailed product format specifications have been defined and are maintained by JAXA.

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Minimize Processor Release

Release information on the current ALOS Processing Software is available via the JAXA webpage.

There is currently an ESA on-going project, as part of the upgrade to the ALOS MMGS, to develop new L1C processors. The processing chain will contain operational processors to:

  • Import the JAXA Level 1b1 AVNIR-2 products and PRISM products (either in JAXA or ESA-SIP format)
  • Improve the quality of the imported products (de-convolution of PRISM data, generation of quality parameters/layers)
  • Perform geometric corrections for AVNIR-2 and PRISM data, namely
    • image matching for improving the relative geo-location accuracy with an accurate reference image database
    • generating ortho-images using direct geo-referencing with an accurate digital elevation model
  • Export the AVNIR-2 and PRISM data as well as providing logging information (either in DIMAP or ESA-SIP format)
An interface for handling these processors will be added. The following products shall be generated:
  • Level 1B data are JAXA Level 1B1 data not re-sampled, quality-controlled and radiometrically calibrated, spectrally characterised, geometrically characterised, annotated with satellite position and pointing. It consists of Top of Atmosphere (TOA) radiance (
  • Level 1C data are Level 1B data orthorectified, re-sampled to a specified grid. Image re-sampling shall be performed using a selectable re-sampling method including at least bi-cubic convolution interpolation and nearest neighbour.r the ALOS Optical data, PRISM and AVNIR-2.

ALOS data users will be informed in due course once the new Optical processors are available and the ALOS reprocessing activities commence.