LPVE 2014
Land Product Validation and Evolution

Minimize Programme

28 January 2014

Welcome and Introduction (H.Laur, ESA) 09.00
Workshop Objectives (B. Bojkov, ESA) 09.15
Invited Speakers  
Copernicus Initial Operations Land: Services, current status and ideas for validation (G. Buttner, EEA) 09.30
THEIA - A new French Data Centre Dedicated to Land Surfaces (P. Henri, CNES) 10.00
Climate Change Service - State of Play and next steps (B. Pinty, JRC) 10.30
Building a Global Land Observation Programme (B. Ryan, GEO) 11.00
Satellite missions and their Cal/Val plans  
Sentinel-2 algorithm and Cal/Val Plans (F. Gascon, ESA) 12.00
Data Quality Assurance for hyperspectral L1 and L2 products - Cal/Val/Mon procedures within the EnMAP Ground Segment (M. Bachmann, DLR) 12.20
Validation of Sentinel-2 Biophysical Prototype Products Using ESA Field Campaigns (F. Baret, INRA) 12.40
Calibration and Performance Monitoring of Landsat Missions and Validation of Derived Information Products (J. Dwyer, USGS) 13.00
Products and their Validations (1-4)  
Invited talk: Coordinating Validation of Satellite-Derived Land Surface Products – Mission and Achievements of the CEOS LPV Subgroup (G. Schaepman-Strub,Un. Zurich) 14.45
Quality Assessment and Continuous Quality Monitoring of SPOT/VGT LAI, FAPAR global products in the Copernicus Global Land Service (F. Camacho, EOLAB) 15.15
Study on LAI Sampling Strategy and LAI Product Validation of Non-uniform Surface (X. Zhu, CAS) 15.30
CEOS LPV Sub-Group Best Practice Recommendations for Global LAI Product Validation (J. Nightingale, NPL) 15.45
The CEOS/WGCV LPV strategy for defining fAPAR inter-comparison and validation protocols (N. Gobron, JRC) 16.00
Evaluation and Inter-comparison of MODIS and VIIRS Measures of Daily Albedo (C. Shaaf, Univ. Massachusetts) 17.00
Land surface albedo and downwelling shortwave surface flux from MSG/SEVIRI in the EUMETSAT LSA-SAF project (X. Ceamanos,  CNRM) 17.15
Continuous Quality Monitoring of Copernicus Global Land Albedo products based on SPOT/VGT observations (J. Sanchez, EOLAB) 17.30
Lessons learnt from the ESA DUE GlobAlbedo land surface albedo product validation from European sensors. (J.P. Muller, Univ London) 17.45


29 January 2014

Snow Extent  
Invited talk: Validation of satellite derived snow cover data records with surface networks and multi-dataset inter-comparisons (C. Derksen, Environment Canada) 09.30
Cloud screening method particularly feasible for snow cover mapping (S. Metsämäki, Finnish Environment Institude) 09.45
The Influence of Uncertainty in Cloud Masking on the Quality of VIIRS Snow Products (I. Appel, NOAA) 10.00
Evolution of ESA DUE GlobSnow products and CAL-VAL Opportunities for Sentinels at the Sodankylä Supersite, Northern Finland (K. Luojus,  Finnish Meteorological Institute) 10.15
Intercomparison of Snow Extent Products from Earth Observation Data (T. Nagler, ENVEO) 10.30
Satellite Missions and their Cal/Val plans (2-2)  
Land and Cryosphere Products from Suomi NPP VIIRS: Overview and Validation Status (M. Roman, NASA) 11.30
Sentinel-3 with an Envisat perspective (P. Goryl, ESA) 11.50
Continuous terrestrial vegetation monitoring since 1998 using SPOT-VEGETATION and Proba-V (E. Swinnen, VITO) 12.10
Land Surface Temperature  
Lake Surface Water Temperature retrieval - a contribution for a LST data set (S. Wunderle, Univ. Berne) 12.30
Calibration and Validation of land surface temperature for Landsat8-TIRS sensor (J. Sobrino) 12.45
Application of a Land Surface Temperature Validation Protocol to AATSR data (D. Ghent, Univ. Leicester) 13.00
Uncertainty indices of high spatial resolution Land Surface Temperature over urban areas (Z. Mitraka ,Univ Tor Vergata 13.15
Products and their Validations (2-4)  
The MERIS/OLCI land products validation. (N. Gobron, JRC) 14.45
Sentinel-3 Science Products: A US Contribution. (E. Vermote, NASA) 15.15
Estimation of Phenological Indicators and Irrigated Areas of Crops with High Temporal and Spatial Resolution Images (D. Morin, CESBIO) 15.30
An Accurate Daily Aerosol Product for Surface Retrieval Applications Derived from MSG Geostationary Satellites (D. Carrerr, Meteo France) 15.45
Products and their Validations (3-4)  
A framework for the validation of decametric products (F. Baret, INRA) 16.45
Access to global land cover reference datasets and their suitability for land cover mapping activities (B. Mora, Wageningen University and Research Centre) 17.00
Design-Based Validation of the MODIS Global Burned Area Product (L. Boschetti, Univ. Maryland) 17.15
Integrating different Data Sources for Validating large-area Biomass Maps (M. Herold, Wageningen University and Research Centre) 17.30
On the importance of an uncertainty budget in EO land products (B. Pinty, JRC) 17.45


30 January 2014

Radiometric and Geometric Validation  
Self-Calibrating Satellite Imagers, how far can we go? (S. Mackin, DMCII) 09.00
Approaches for sensor interconsistency to achieve climate-quality measurements (K. Thome, NASA) 09.30
DEMMIN – a Calibration and Validation Site for Remote Sensing (E. Borg, DLR) 10.00
The inflight radiometric calibration of Proba-V: Results from the In-Orbit Commissioning phase (S. Sterckk,VITO) 10.15
Prototyping a Network of Automated Land Radiometry Measurements: LANDNET (P. Goryl, ESA) 10.30
Products and their validation (4-4)  
A Model-based Quality Assurance Framework for the Validation of Satellite-Derived Biophysical ECVs over Land (J.L. Widlowski, JRC) 11.30
On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE): a web based service for the validation of medium resolution land products. (F. Baret, INRA) 12.00
Development and Experimental Verification of Key Techniques to Validate Remote Sensing Products (T. Che, CAS) 12.15
A Simple Approach to Evaluate Land Products from the Tip Package (B. Pinty, JRC) 12.30
Conclusions and Way Forward  
Conclusions 12.45