CEOS IVOS 25th Meeting

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

8:45 AM Registration/Entrance Logistics
9:15 AM Welcome and
Dr. Bojan Bojkov Head of ESA Sensor Performance Products
Algorithms (SPPA) (ESRIN)
10:00 AM IVOS chair Fox Meeting intro
• Brief Introductions
• Objectives
• Agenda
• Actions
• Status of recommendations
• Terms of reference
• IVOS report to CEOS WGCV 35
11:00 AM Break
11:20 AM RT modelling Widlowski (JRC) Status of RT model comparison efforts &
future activities. Presentation & discussion
12:00 AM New members Dr Ling ling Ma Chinese Academy of Optoelectronics
12:15 AM   Dr Sebastien
Eumetsat activities
12:30 PM Lunch (ESRIN canteen)
1:30 PM   Fox IVOS Work-plan progress
1:40 PM Sea Surface
Corlett (U of
Minnett (U of Miami)
• Current activities/plans
• ‘Miami III' lessons learnt
• ‘Miami IV' requirements/plans …
3:40 PM Break
4:10 PM Missions specific
Xiong (NASA) • Status of VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands Onorbit
Calibration and Performance
4:30 PM   Yammamoto (AIST) Status of ASTER…
4:50 PM   Adriaensen (Vito) Proba V Vicarious calibration
5:10 PM   Thome (NASA) CLARREO progress
5:30 PM (to allow USA) Henry (CNES) The Moon as Cal/Val source CNES – ROLO
6:00 PM Evening Dinner hosted by ESA (bus from ESRIN)


March 20, 2013

8:30 AM Bus leaves frascati for ESRIN
9:00 AM Gorono (ESA/NPL) Dr. Bojan Bojkov Implementing QA4EO: Sentinel 2 radiometric
cal tool
9:30 AM Theme lead
[Zibordi (JRC)
Murakami (JAXA)]
[Chair on
behalf of]
Ocean Colour
Current status and plans
9:45 AM IVOS chair   Post-launch Cal/Val progress and Plans
- Context and aims
10:00 AM Discussion topic Views /
Chinese Academy of Optoelectronics
12:15 AM   Dr Sebastien
Choice of reference solar spectral Irradiance is current
CEOS standard (Thuillier) appropriate
10:15 AM Break
10:45 AM Theme lead: Chander
+ Thome
(NASA) +
Instrumented Test sites Next steps:
- LANDNET how do we progress
- Site characteristic specifications
- Candidates for implementation
- Prototype network (2 or 3 linked sites)
- Sensor Data collection
- CEOS community useage/funding
11:15 AM Libya 4 workshop Henry
(CNES) (lead)
Overview of Libya 4 meeting – CNES Paris
- Proposed work plan (intro)
Spectral bandwidth
12:00 AM Libya 4 progress Bouvet (ESA) A couple surface-atmosphere model for radiometric
intercomparisons over Libya-4
12:30 PM Lunch (ESRIN canteen)
1:30 PM ESA Presentation   Photo
Virtual theatre and Charter
2:30 PM Libya 4 Progress Helder (SDSU0)
Smith (RAL)
• Progress on implementing CNES BRDF model

Progress on BRDF model
Surface spectral characterization from EO imagery
Progress on Libya 4
4:00 PM Break
4:30 PM   Chander (USGS) Libya 4 (PICS comparison progress)
5:30 PM Discussion   Future work plan
6:00 PM Day closed Buses to Frascati Dinner (locally organized by IVOS team)