Minimize CEOS IVOS 25th Meeting
March 19 – 21, 2013
European Space Agency (ESA)
European Space Research Institute (ESRIN)
IVOS Chair: Dr. Nigel Fox (NPL/BNSC) Session support:  Philippe Goryl (ESA/ESRIN) and Alessandro Burini (ESA/ESRIN)

Updated Agenda is available here

19 March 2013

Introduction To Meeting N. Fox
IVOS Report to CEOS WGCV 35 N. Fox
Status of RT Model Comparison efforts & Future Acitivies J.L. Widlowski
Chinese Academy of Optoelectronics (introduction) L. L. Ma
Eumetsat Activities S. Wagner
Climate Data Records of SST P. Minnet / G. Corlett
Status of VIIRS Reflective Solar Bands On-Orbit Calibration and Performance X. Xiong
Status of ASTER H. Yamamoto
Proba V Vicarious Calibration and Image Quality Centre S. Adriansen
CLARREO Progress K. Thome
The Moon as Cal/Val Source CNES-ROLO S. Lacherdade


20 March 2013

Post-Launch Cal/Val Progress and Plans N. Fox
DIMITRI Status M. Bouvet
MEREMSII Review N. Fox 
MIAMI III Experiment Review N. Fox 
Measurement Needs for Automated Site Characterization K. Thome 
Status of Libya 4 Activities D. Smith 
Towards an Operational Network of Instrumented Test Sites - LANDNET N. Fox 
Sentinel 2 Radiometric Uncertainty Tool (S2-RUT) J. Gorroño


21 March 2013

Discussion on Atmospheric Correction K. Thome
CEOS Cal/Val Portal for IVOS A. Burini 
A coupled Surface Atmosphere model for radiometric intercomparison over Libya4 M. Bouvet 
EUMETSAT current activities on desert target S. Wagner 
The Global Space Based inter Calibration System: an Overview S. Wagner