Minimize APVE II Workshop: Arctic Products Validation & Evolution Workshop II
Minimize Objectives and Expected Outcomes


  • To review algorithms and satellite-derived products for high-latitude applications (terrestrial to coastal) using ESA historical and operational sensors, as well as ESA Third Party Missions and national datasets.
  • To elaborate guidelines for generation of reference/validation data (i.e. from high resolution satellite images, in-situ data, etc.).
  • To elaborate concepts, protocols and guidelines for inter-comparison and validation of EO products at high-latitudes and the Arctic.
  • To review and discuss uncertainty characterization of satellite products at high-latitude and Arctic.

Expected Outcomes

  • Description of existing algorithms and high-latitude products as well as anticipated challenges and product evolutions.
  • Concept, protocols and procedures for validating and inter-comparing products.
  • Definition of key regions and key periods for validation and quality assessment.
  • Procedures for generating reference data for product inter-comparisons.
  • Coordinated plan of validation activities and inter-comparison

APVE Workshop II Sessions:

  1. Land Session
  2. Lake & Costal zones Session
  3. Cryosphere Session
  4. Atmoshpere Session