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The  Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms (SPPA) is the element of the ESA Earth Observation ground segment responsible and performing the following activities:

(R) Alfred Wegener InstituteCourtesy of Alfred Wegener Institute 

Algorithm Development

Developing and upgrading the data processing algorithms in order to meet mission requirements and user needs.


Calibrating the sensors (through the update of on-board and on-ground configuration data) in order to meet product quality requirements.

Validating the generated products assessing, by independent means, the  quality  of  the  generated EO data  products.

Routine Quality Control

Monitoring routinely the status of the  spacecraft  (payload  and  platform) and  to check if the derived products meet the quality requirements along mission life-time.

The activities related to the SPPA constitute a long and continuous process involving a number of various actors with different competencies and objectives.


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Third International Ocean Colour Science (IOCS) meeting - 15 to 18 May 2017 - Lisbon, Portugal

07 March 2017

The third International Ocean Colour Science (IOCS) meeting will take place from 15 to 18 May 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal, followed by two training events on 19 May 2017: a Copernicus marine data stream training event and a SeaDAS training event. The meeting is being convened by the International Ocean Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) in partnership with, and thanks to sponsorship from, EUMETSAT, ESA, the European Commission and NASA. Deadline to submit poster abstracts is 1 April 2017. 

Workshop on Vicarious Infrastructure for OCR (Ocean Colour Radiometry)

02 March 2017

The ESA workshop "Options for future European satellite OCR (Ocean Colour Radiometry) vicarious adjustment infrastructure for the Sentinel-3 OLCI and Sentinel-2 MSI series", organised by the FRM4SOC team (Fiducial Reference Measurements for Satellite Ocean Colour) was held at ESRIN, Frascati from 21 to 23 February 2017.

Stay up-to-date with the ESA SMOS Mission: Newsletter February 2017

16 February 2017

The SMOS Newsletter February 2017 has been published and  it is accessible here: SMOS-Newsletter-12-Feb-2017.pdf

Proba-V Collection 1 (C1) Re-processing Campaign Completed

09 February 2017

The Proba-V full-mission re-processing campaign has been completed,

On-line access for the current Collection (C0) will be discontinued by end February 2017.

The new Collection 1 (C1) data set includes significant quality improvements with respect to the previous data version Collection 0 (C0):

  • Updated Cloud detection
  • Re-fined radiometric calibration parameters
  • Release of the intermediate L2a products
  • Meta data compliancy to Climate and Forecasting conventions (v1.6)